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Ideas are our business


We all want to make the right ones. Whether it’s dressing for that first meeting with a prospective big client, or handing out the company’s corporate brochure at a trade show, there’s a certain confidence that comes with looking good. PIGeBANK offers a full range of graphic design, Web, printing and multimedia presentation services that will give you that confidence.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or to discuss a design project. Even if you just need some professional advice, we’ll be happy to help.

With PIGeBANK, you’ll make the right impression.

More About Us

Good design is good business. Tom Watson, Jr., President, IBM (1952–1971)

PIGeBANK strives to meet the expectations and satisfy the needs of our clients. We explore what is useful, usable and desirable in a client’s products or services this exploration helps guide us to the appropriate end product or solution and engage the intended target audience in the lively process of perception, judgment and action.

What is PIGeBANK? It is great design at a great price. I couldn’t agree more with Mr. Watson, good design is good business, and we want to help as many companies as possible meet or exceed their goals by producing the best graphic design, on budget and on time. Ideas are our business.

We currently are accepting requests for new projects.

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PIGeBANK Graphic Design

Our Creative Director

Michael Cameron - Creative Director

Michael Cameron

I pride myself on my passion for graphic design, my professionalism and ability to get the job done.


Our Focus

  • A Full-Service Graphic Design Studio

    "Good design is a form of respect—on the part of the producer for the person who will eventually spend hard-earned cash on the product, use the product, own the product." David R. Brown

    R E S P E C T – this is what it means to me – whether it’s a business card, a Website or a huge catalog, we try to approach each job or project NOT with preconceived notions rather we let the interaction with the client dictate what the project calls for and coming up with solutions that are infused with a part of the client’s personality.

    The challenge of interpreting what someone has in their mind’s eye and making it real – from concept to finished piece is the most personally fulfilling aspect of my job it’s what pushes and drives me to NOT settle for the easy solution, to go a bit further and ultimately produce what you can see in the portfolio below.


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